Khads is primarily an ad network spread over many of Cambodia's most popular websites. However as a business we offer a lot more than just serving your ads. We create, customise and tweak your campaigns to get the maximum possible return from your investment. This can be anything from creating ad visuals, landing pages or email templates to consulting on how to best use social media platforms. With years of experience in the field you can rest assured your online strategy is safe and sound with us from a to z.

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  • Why advertise online?

    The first advantage of advertising online is that your ad will literally be seen millions of times so it is fantastic for brand recognition. However the main objective of advertising online is usually to increase your direct sales or build up your contact list. In both cases we can help you achieve these goals with our experience in online marketing and social media.

    How does it work?

    Khads has contracts with several of the most visited websites in Cambodia to display ads on their pages. We serve ads randomly and page views are shared amongst our clients. We carefully choose ad spaces that we believe will return the best results. You pay per 1000 impressions (otherwise known as a page views). You only pay for impressions which come from real IP addresses not web bots / spiders. We currently support four internet standard ad sizes (300 x 250), (728 x 90), (468 x 60) and (160 x 600).

    Why choose Khads?

    Khads does more than just put your ad on a website, anyone could do that. We allow you to follow the performance of your ads by counting how many times they have been viewed and how many times they have been clicked. This coupled with the ability to split test several ads makes our system a marketing teams dream. On top of this we will help you create and maintain your campaigns. We can design eye-catching ads for you as well as product specific landing pages which can be within Facebook (see more in the Social Media Campaigns section). Our system helps you increase your audience but we can also help you reach your existing audience via email and sms campaigns.

  • What are Facebook apps?

    Facebook apps are custom web pages which display within Facebook, they can be embedded into your Facebook company page via a tab. Facebook apps are great for collecting user information. For example your online ads could lead to a Facebook app where users are asked to exchange their contact details for the chance to win a prize.

    Why choose Social Media?

    Social media and in particular Facebook is extremely popular in Cambodia. Retaining "likes" for your Facebook page gives you the ability to advertise products directly to your audience through posting new articles on your Facebook page. This is extremely powerful marketing as you already know the users who will see your updates "like" what you are offering.

  • Why use email marketing?

    Email newsletters are still regarded as one of the most powerful marketing tools available, but are often overlooked by companies as a means of communicating with their audience. The advantage of an email is that it can have both written content, images and links to web pages and it can be personalized.

    How can Khads help?

    Because of the large amount of spam emails that have been sent over the years sending bulk emails is very difficult now days, as they inevitably get blocked or end up in spam folders. Khads helps you overcome this issue with our built in newsletter and contact management system. Our system is backed by Mailchimp (the web's leading newsletter solution) so we can guarantee the best possible delivery rates. You can import existing subscribers and we can also build forms for you to put on your website to gather more subscribers.

  • Why choose SMS campaigns?

    SMS campaigns are fantastic for immediate alerts. For example if you have an event or product launch and you want to tell people about it on the day you can be sure they will see your message via sms. The disadvantage of sms is it is limited to 160 characters and must be in english. If you have collected thousands of mobile numbers from previous prize draws this is a great way to put them to use.

    How can Khads help?

    We have a built in sms and contact management system. So at the click of a button you can send thousands of sms messages to your contact list.

  • Why use surveys?

    Market research can be difficult and expensive to aquire, by placing a survey on your landing page you can gather any information you want to know. The most effective way to run a survey is with a giveaway competition. See the results of our survey here.

    Why use quizes?

    Quizes can be entertaining and create a sense of competition amongst users. They can also help determine a winner for a giveaway.



A user sees your ad on one of our partner websites.



The user clicks on your ad and is taken to your landing page.



User enters their contact details and are added to your contact list.



You notify the user of new products or services by email or sms.

"Online advertising in Cambodia
without the blindfold...."

The Dashboard

At the core of the Khads system is a very sophisticated yet easy to use dashboard, which allows our clients complete access to their campaign analytics and contacts. The dashboard is specially designed to work on any device whether its desktop or mobile. Below are just a few examples of what is possible with the Khads dashboard...

About Us

Khads is a team of relatively young but very experienced and dedicated International and Cambodian professionals. We are the geeks that bring your online campaign to life and make sure it succeeds.


To conduct highly effective online campaigns for Cambodian brands by taking a holistic approach to their online marketing strategy.


To become the leading online advertising network in Cambodia with a reputation for delivering excellent results and cost efficiency.

Our Team

Carlos Tulloch

CEO & Lead Developer

Carlos holds a bachelor degree in Design Studies and a masters degree in Digital Media from Adelaide University, Australia. He has 10 years experience as a web developer and has built the Khads system from scratch.

Carlos has worked as a web developer in Cambodia for 8 years. His past clients include Smateria, CBRDP (GIZ), Hagar International, Equity News (TVK / UNDP), Craft Network (IFC), GIPC (USAID), EMAF (World Bank), World Fish Center, DFDL, Cambodian National Institute of Education, AsiaLIFE, Pontoon Club.

Dana Gob

Creative Director

Dana holds a bachelor degree in Design and Art Direction from Manchester University in the United Kingdom. Dana has 8 years of experience as an Art director and Graphic designer, working for advertising agencies in London such as TBWA, Ogilvy and Saatchi and Saatchi, gaining a wealth of knowledge in her field.

Past clients include high profile international brands such as Coca – Cola, GSK and Tesco’s and since relocating to Cambodia she has worked with Blue Pumpkin, Smateria, MTT (Mekong Think Tank) and Blink Global Trading.

Chantheoun Kimthy

Web Developer

Chantheoun holds a bachelor degree in Computer Science and Technology from University of Puthisastra, Cambodia.

Sinen Hum

Web Developer

Sinen holds a bachelor degree in Computer Science and Technology from University of Puthisastra, Cambodia.

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